The check engine light


The check engine light

The check engine light. Yes, most of us have experienced this and with it brings the dread of what on earth could be wrong with my car.

If you do get this light coming on, then do speak to your local mechanic. Normally the car is trying to tell you something. Most modern cars have sensors fitted for almost everything and if something is not working as it should, the sensor will pick it up.

Most modern cars do come with On-Board diagnostics which can be read by using a OBD kit and some software however, with the thousands of possible fault codes possibly, most times it’s still not 100% clear what you are dealing with hence why its best speaking to an authorised mechanic.

At Smart Auto Repair S.L we have the latest technology and software to quickly diagnose your vehicle and pin point the exact problem thus saving you time and cost.

If you are having any check engine light issues, get in touch and we’ll provide a quick and easy solution and put your mind at ease.

The Smart Auto Repair Team